What is The World of Salmonweird?

Welcome to Salmonweird.co.uk, the official website of the Cornish supernatural crime comedy series.

Book 1: Salmonweird out now.

Book 2: A Salmonweird Sleighing out June 2021.

Salmonweird is a colourful world of characters who were born, lived or died in the fictional Cornish village on the south coast just a short distance from Land’s End. The village is home to a pirate crew, a medieval monk, a Puritan preacher from up country, a flame haired warrior queen, and an Elizabethan poet.

Nobody is quite sure why they have been thrust back into our world to occupy Salmonweir. Some residents don’t care so long as the rum continues to flow – but enough about Hook Hand Harry for now.

Salmonweir or Salmonweird?

The tabloid media added the “d” in a feeble attempt at being clever. Despite claims to the contrary, the ghosts of Salmonweir are not here to steal anybody’s jobs – the jobs they do now were voluntarily vacated by the humans fleeing in fear. As they are all dead, they are not eligible for social security.

On this site, you can learn about the Salmonweird books, of course. But you’ll also get more insights into the world of Salmonweird including character biographies, news of upcoming publications, and much more about the world and its author.

Come in, have a look around.

  • The Salmonweird Library contains all the books available from the world of Salmonweird. More is added as Detective Blackman finishes writing them
  • The village newsletter discusses upcoming issues for the village, news about upcoming releases, and any other mentions of our village in the press
  • The Penrose village shop holds stock of all current books in the series if you’re interested in buying. Go take a look and buy a copy!
  • The King’s Head is the village’s watering hole and the best place to go for village gossip and to learn more about the people of the world of Salmonweird
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