Welcome to the King’s Head!

Make yourself at home, dear visitor. Take a menu and a copy of our extensive cider list. No pub in Cornwall has quite so many ciders.

We have more cider than beer but as a free house, we carefully select all our brews. Talking of which, we do tea and recently got a coffee barista thingy for people who just want coffee in all its forms.

Take a seat anywhere you like, as you can see we have plenty of space. We don’t bite. Well, Eli might, but being a puritan he doesn’t come in here all that often anyway.

You’ll see we do plenty of good food. We’ve done our best to deliver some of your contemporary stuff but we do draw the line at putting chips in a metal bucket and the rest of the meal on a slate board. What’s that all about?

Good home cooked food is what we offer and some lovely historic dishes too. Make yourself at home and listen in on the conversations. The King’s Head is where you’ll find all the gossip and word about the village.

I have something to say about the village

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