I was queen of these lands once

Before the Romans came, this was a green and healthy land. We didn’t have the big towns and cities that they built, with their filthy water and animal waste. The Dumnonii were a proud people and we were clean. We were strong and we were feared.

Of course, nothing is left of our imposing fortresses, not any more. They were big and strong unlike the tribes across the Tamar with their weird hill forts.

Oh let me introduced myself. I’m Kensa by the way and as I said, nearly 2,000 years ago I was queen of these lands. I became queen when I was only a child, elected by the council of nobles. Even then, we knew the Romans were coming. We traded with them and so did our neighbours. We knew it couldn’t last forever and when they came, and we heard about their alliances with those further along the south coast, we petitioned for peace but prepared for war.

I died in battle, not here in “Cornwall” as it is now called, but a long way from here at a place you call Maiden Castle. I should not have taken my men there. That was a mistake but when family calls, we answer. We thought the castle impenetrable with its vast ramparts, but when the Romans attacked, we were dead to the last man – and woman.

Today, I’ve made peace with the Romans of my past and I’m still a queen of sorts which is something, I would say? I’m one of the permanent village council members along with those two squabbling church men Eli and Jowan, and Karl – you’ve met him already, I trust? Of course you have.

My sword? I would let you hold it but it will pass right through you. It’s ghostly, not real. But isn’t she a beauty?

What? Of course my sword is a woman. Why wouldn’t it be?

I shouldn’t keep you though, stranger. I have a council meeting to attend to. Karl wants to discuss a title for the book about the next Salmonweird volume.

Before you go, I’m supposed to tell you how you can buy our first book and remind you to scroll to the bottom of the page and subscribe for more news. I don’t know what that means, but I’m assured you will.

See updates from the Salmonweird Village website as they happen! (not that much happens here, aside from the occasional murder).

I have something to say about the village

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