Salmonweird – the First Book About Our Village -is Out Now

Hello stranger. Do you know what today is? 2nd September may not mean anything to you, but today it’s one of celebration. That’s why we’re having this street party on the quayside. Here, have a scone and help yourself to some tea – or gin if that’s what you prefer.

Take a seat! There is plenty of space and despite what you might have read in the tabloid press, we don’t eat living people, we welcome them.

What are we celebrating? Haven’t you heard the news? Our little book is out today! That’s right. It’s tentatively called Salmonweird: A Cornish Crime Comedy Caper. We hope you like the alliteration. Better than Captain Harry’s suggestion which was Salmonweird: A Saucy Story of Sailors and Slaughter. Sets the wrong kind of message, we think.

We’re so pleased about this release and we all contributed to its publication. Mind you, without the killings in the first place, we wouldn’t have been publishing this little book about our curious village in the first place. But we must make the best of the tragedy and tell people outside the village what really happened within it. Best we tell the truth than let the newspapers find out and have a field day making stuff up, hmm?

The real brains behind all this is our village’s only living resident. Karl Blackman. Have you met him? He worked so hard on it this year to finish it off, checking the final details and upload it to that internet thingy so it could be ready for you today.

That’s right, it’s the first in a series. The second book will be about “The Christmas Incident” as it’s called around here. Terrible event and we lost some good people that December. We think and hope it will be called A Salmonweird Sleighing. That’s what we all voted on as the favourite.

Enjoy the merriment! With a bit of luck, Captain Harry and Kensa, our Iron Age queen, might start sword sparring. It’s always a delight to watch.

Please, don’t be shy – talk to any of the other ghosts!

Here’s the link if you want to buy the book. Just click the banner and it will take you to the buying page. Electronic book or paperback, whichever you choose is up to you!

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