Read Salmonweird: Chapters 1-3 Now!

If you’re dithering over whether to spend just £4.99 of your hard-earned cash on this ebook or £9.99 on the hard copy, never fear. I want you to decide whether this book would be for you before you buy it. That’s why I’m giving away three chapters for free right here.

Here, you’ll be introduced to the protagonist, the soon to be unretired and soon to be divorced DI Karl Blackman. Most other major characters make their debut here too.

Go, download, enjoy.

Even if it’s not your sort of thing, share the post on Twitter, Facebook and other sites to friends who might like it. Share the love! An indy writer’s lifeblood is exposure and fans recommending books to their friends.

If you buy the book, please don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon and Good Reads.

Salmonweird: A Cornish Crime
Comedy Caper (with ghosts)

Salmonweird MG Mason

I have something to say about the village

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