Update on A Salmonweird Sleighing

Greetings living people! Welcome to our humble little village, population 499 ghosts and 1 human. If you have read the first book in our series, simply called Salmonweird, we hope you enjoyed the book. Please don’t forget to leave us a little review and rating. The more exposure we get, the more encouraged we feel about writing about the events in the village.

If you haven’t read the first book, don’t worry! This is a spoiler free update on the sequel.

You will be pleased to know that the sequel passed the 25,000 words today. That might not feel like a huge milestone considering it will be about 70-80,000 words but to the writer, that feels like a landmark worth celebrating with a little glass of something on this Sunday evening.

The Plot of A Salmonweird Sleighing

We can tell you that it is set at Christmas. The title should have given that away although other areas of the site discuss this extensively. Do you like the play on words?

What is it about? Well, without revealing too much: it’s about Christmas and death. Do you like the sound of that?

Oh you wanted more? All right then. The book opens with a carol service in early December. Most of the characters you know from the first book are at the service and you’re re-introduced to them quickly during the singing of a few carols.

But it isn’t all festive merriment and mince pies. I’m afraid the Christmas killings as we’ve come to call them were a rather nasty affair. We lost some people, some you will know from the first book. Be prepared to say goodbye to some old friends.

But as this is set at Christmas, there are some happy moments to come too! The story finishes on Christmas Eve as the clock strikes midnight signalling Christmas Day and the killer apprehended and dealt with. It finishes happily for some people but not for others. The village was never the same again after that.

We hope it warms the cockles of your Christmas loving heart and you’ll enjoy the book when it comes out in 2021. It may be as early as spring!

The Characters

While you’re reeling from the loss of some much-loved characters, we can confirm the village has a few new arrivals too. We can’t reveal too much just yet, but there are some humans and some ghosts. We expect some of those new characters to make their way into subsequent books. We can reveal that a new pirate character makes their debut. That particular arrive made quite an impression on a few people around the village, I can tell you!

Karl is back of course, as are some old favourites. Harry is on top form and poor Babajide is still struggling to understand the appeal of coffee as you may have spotted in the short update A Salmonweird Lockdown which shows you how Karl is coping during this pandemic.

Let’s leave it there shall we? I don’t want to take up too much of your time. If you still haven’t bought Salmonweird, just click the banner.

Salmonweird MG Mason

See updates from the Salmonweird Village website as they happen! (not that much happens here, aside from the occasional murder).

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