Wilhelmina Rewrites: Shall I Compare Thee?

Hello visitor! Welcome to a new feature for our village website. Ms Wilhelmina Yorke, our delightful Elizabethan poet is willing to share some of her most recent work with visitors to Salmonweir. This one is a quick reworking of Shakespeare’s famous sonnet Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day? It’s a little rough around the edge but we hope you like it!

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
For thou art cold, wet and miserable,
And lo! I count them, hundred shades of grey.
Oh whoops, nothing rhymes with miserable.

When nettles in gardens get all stingy,
Parching the skin like a badger’s thingy,
Your hair gone from brown to near ginger-y,
The only thing left that rhymes is dinghy.

Know that for us, this summer will soon fade,
We have each other, skin all thistled like.
Falling into the the brambles of our arms.
Like blackberries something… riding a bike.

Salmonweird MG Mason

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