The Next Stages for A Salmonweird Sleighing

Dynnargh dear reader! thank you for sticking with us during these quiet times. It’s been over a year since the release of the first Salmonweird book and news has been thin on the ground. We are always pleased to give you news and snippets of other events from around the village. We can now set out a kind of road map, if you like, for what will happen next for the events known around here as “The Christmas Incident.”

Karl reliably informs us that he has now finished the first draft. Exciting times! This is what happens next.


The file is sent out to some people known as “beta readers”. These people, the Village Council is assured, are “better readers” than Karl. They will go through the text, ensure he didn’t miss any major details, and correct any errors in continuity. The human memory is flawed. Even a person with a good memory will misremember events.


We hope by the end of the month, that the beta readers will complete their edits and return the files to Karl.


A busy time for Karl. He will spend the early spring month to work through the edits and make any changes necessary. He will read, re-read, and re-read again including the order of something called a “proof copy.” Exciting, yes?


Final content edits on A Salmonweird Sleighing and postal of the first review copies to bloggers and social media accounts.


All of the review copies should have gone, and received. Hopefully the first reviews should start filtering through at this point. Final proofreads for text errors before final upload at the end of the month.


Release! And there we are. Those who ordered digital copies will have them delivered to their Kindles. Paperbacks will be available from release day for those who prefer hard copies.

And Then What?

After that, we hand over to some people we know at Afterlife PLC to bring you a story of what is going on there. We can’t reveal too much, mostly because they have not told us much! But we are assured it is exciting.

Karl, on the other hand, will have a short break and then move onto chronicling the next event in the weird world of our village. The time the TV and film people came to record. It put us on the map in more ways than one. Sadly, one of those reasons is a murder.

Until then, please watch the website. We have some interesting information coming up including a ghostly tale in a few weeks. This features, shall we say, a far scarier ghost than anyone you will find in our village. Even when Kensa is in a bad mood and wielding her sword does not even begin to come close.

Until then, friends!

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