A Look Ahead to 2021 for Salmonweir Village

From Saturday 16th January 2021
Host: DI (Retired) Karl Blackman
Minutes taken by Village Committee Secretary Babajide Brewer

Welcome once again to the village hall here at Salmonweir. Ladies and gentlemen of the village, newspapers – I see we have a few of you here today, and book fans alike. Thank you to the living people here for respecting social distancing measures and wearing masks.

On a personal note, I’m relieved to see so many reporters muzzled.


As sent out in the brief, we have convened this meeting to discuss A Salmonweird Sleighing – our story of what happened in The Christmas Incident. We also have some other news for you coming right up. So first up.

A Salmonweird Sleighing

Much publicised, the release date is now just over 4 months away. The manuscript is currently with beta readers who will help me clean up the source and recommend things to leave out. I’m not a natural writer and I tend to have a habit of waffling on. We expect those recommended edits to come back before the end of February. After that, all the press releases and promotion will begin; this includes seeking reviewers. Local press – if you’re interested in review copies, please speak to us after the meeting.

A Salmonweird Sleighing
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Afterlife PLC

No further news on this yet. Tobin is proving difficult to get hold of; we’re not entirely sure why. But we will continue reaching out to him to move this project along. There is a provisional release date of October but this could change depending on progress. In the meantime, we will be putting together the third volume in the Salmonweird series whose title is now Studio Salmonweird. It recounts the time several TV studios and some Hollywood types visited. There was also a murder which no doubt some of you have heard about.

Short Stories

One of the great success stories of last year were the smaller incidents in the form of Salmonweird Short Stories. In March we recounted the lengths to which the villagers would go to protect me from the awful COVID-19.

A few months later, Cato and Kensa came forward to recount their first date. It was all rather sweet.

And then in December things took a much darker turn. I helped Jowan put his Christmas Tree up. I enquired about a small side door which I assumed was a back entrance into the private rooms. But no, this is a crypt that I had no idea was underneath the church.

It seems Jowan was the last person to ever go down there nearly 700 years ago. He sealed it tightly and warned everyone to stay away. That night, he told me why he never went down there again. Despite his anxiety, we wrote the story down and put it on the website as The Crypt.

Since then, other villagers have come forward to recount their own spooky encounters. Harry was first and we expect to compile his own encounter in the coming weeks.

Coming soon to the Salmonweird Extended Universe…

I’m afraid that due to empty village coffers, this story will not be freely available. At least not at first. If you’d like to read it at the time of publication, we have a crowdfunding page at Buy Me A Coffee. For a small fee, you may read this and other exclusive content at the time of publication. If you can wait, this story will be included in bonus material for A Salmonweird Sleighing.

Alternatively, you may read this for free in November on the Salmonweird website!

By contributing to the BMAC fund (see link at the end), you can help our writing efforts and support the village between book releases.

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