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Welcome to the King’s Head!

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Make yourself at home, dear visitor. Take a menu and a copy of our extensive cider list. No pub in Cornwall has quite so many ciders.

We have more cider than beer but as a free house, we carefully select all our brews. Talking of which, we do tea and recently got a coffee barista thingy for people who just want coffee in all its forms.

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A Look Ahead to 2021 for Salmonweir Village

From Saturday 16th January 2021
Host: DI (Retired) Karl Blackman
Minutes taken by Village Committee Secretary Babajide Brewer

Welcome once again to the village hall here at Salmonweir. Ladies and gentlemen of the village, newspapers – I see we have a few of you here today, and book fans alike. Thank you to the living people here for respecting social distancing measures and wearing masks.

On a personal note, I’m relieved to see so many reporters muzzled.

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The Crypt: A Salmonweird Christmas Ghost Story

Jowan waited for Karl to enter the church’s side room from the nave before placing the mug of tea on the table.

Karl leaned forward and swept up the mug just as Jowan clattered the generously loaded plate of Speculoos next to the mugs.

‘Don’t go eating them all at once!’ Jowan laughed, noticing Karl’s eyes widen.

‘Don’t tempt me,’ Karl said, ‘moving that tree was hungry work.’

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The Next Stages for A Salmonweird Sleighing

Dynnargh dear reader! thank you for sticking with us during these quiet times. It’s been over a year since the release of the first Salmonweird book and news has been thin on the ground. We are always pleased to give you news and snippets of other events from around the village. We can now set out a kind of road map, if you like, for what will happen next for the events known around here as “The Christmas Incident.”

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Wilhelmina Rewrites: Shall I Compare Thee?

Hello visitor! Welcome to a new feature for our village website. Ms Wilhelmina Yorke, our delightful Elizabethan poet is willing to share some of her most recent work with visitors to Salmonweir. This one is a quick reworking of Shakespeare’s famous sonnet Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day? It’s a little rough around the edge but we hope you like it!

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Update on A Salmonweird Sleighing

Greetings living people! Welcome to our humble little village, population 499 ghosts and 1 human. If you have read the first book in our series, simply called Salmonweird, we hope you enjoyed the book. Please don’t forget to leave us a little review and rating. The more exposure we get, the more encouraged we feel about writing about the events in the village.

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Short Story: A Salmonweird Lockdown (spoiler free)

Can you think of a more delightful small pleasure than eating breakfast (pot of tea and toast with locally produced honey) on the patio with the doors wide open?


Me neither.

I switched the heating off last night and today I have all the windows and doors open.

Thank the heavens, spring is finally here!

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