Revealed: A Salmonweird Sleighing Book Cover

Ladies and gentlemen, the Salmonweir Tourist Board is delighted to finally reveal the cover for our upcoming second volume A Salmonweird Sleighing. Released in June 2021, it chronicles what is known around these parts now as “The Christmas Incident.”

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A Special Announcement Regarding A Salmonweird Sleighing

Well, it seems Karl has finally bitten the bullet and set a release date. He has made a lot of progress during the spring and the lockdown. Keeping him confined to quarters as chronicled in the short story A Salmonweird Lockdown may have had something to do with it!

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Update on A Salmonweird Sleighing

Greetings living people! Welcome to our humble little village, population 499 ghosts and 1 human. If you have read the first book in our series, simply called Salmonweird, we hope you enjoyed the book. Please don’t forget to leave us a little review and rating. The more exposure we get, the more encouraged we feel about writing about the events in the village.

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Transcript of a Public Talk about the Salmonweird Books

From Friday 8th November 2019
Host: DI (Retired) Karl Blackman
Minutes taken by Village Committee Secretary Babajide

Hello and welcome to the village hall here at Salmonweir, ladies and gentlemen of the local press and book fans alike. It’s so good to see you all here today. I must admit, we didn’t quite expect so many of you.

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Salmonweird – the First Book About Our Village -is Out Now

Hello stranger. Do you know what today is? 2nd September may not mean anything to you, but today it’s one of celebration. That’s why we’re having this street party on the quayside. Here, have a scone and help yourself to some tea – or gin if that’s what you prefer.

Take a seat! There is plenty of space and despite what you might have read in the tabloid press, we don’t eat living people, we welcome them.

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