The Crypt: A Salmonweird Christmas Ghost Story

Jowan waited for Karl to enter the church’s side room from the nave before placing the mug of tea on the table.

Karl leaned forward and swept up the mug just as Jowan clattered the generously loaded plate of Speculoos next to the mugs.

‘Don’t go eating them all at once!’ Jowan laughed, noticing Karl’s eyes widen.

‘Don’t tempt me,’ Karl said, ‘moving that tree was hungry work.’

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Short Story: A Tale of Sword Crossed Lovers

It is a truth universally acknowledged that blacksmithing in the 21st century leaves a lot to be desired. I blame the Romans for this dumbing down of essential skills and outsourcing it for profit. I let out another long and frustrated sigh and closed my laptop lid.

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Wilhelmina Rewrites: Shall I Compare Thee?

Hello visitor! Welcome to a new feature for our village website. Ms Wilhelmina Yorke, our delightful Elizabethan poet is willing to share some of her most recent work with visitors to Salmonweir. This one is a quick reworking of Shakespeare’s famous sonnet Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day? It’s a little rough around the edge but we hope you like it!

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Short Story: A Salmonweird Lockdown (spoiler free)

Can you think of a more delightful small pleasure than eating breakfast (pot of tea and toast with locally produced honey) on the patio with the doors wide open?


Me neither.

I switched the heating off last night and today I have all the windows and doors open.

Thank the heavens, spring is finally here!

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