Village Newsletter

Welcome to the Salmonweird village council meeting! I must admit, we don’t get many strangers here to watch proceedings. It’s not that we don’t allow it, of course, it’s just that nobody really takes an interest in what goes on.

The village council has four permanent members.

  • DI Blackman of course who is the human-spirit liaison. He’s our public face, mostly because he’s the only person with a physical face
  • The second is Kensa, our Iron Age warrior queen. This was all her land about 2,000 years ago and as she is the only one with experience in this sort of thing. She has power of veto of any split decision
  • The other two are Brother Jowan, our monk, and Eli, our Puritan preacher. Neither could stomach the idea of the other one having a council voice so to avoid the arguments, they make up the 3rd and 4th

Minutes of the June 2019 Meeting

At some unspecified time in the future, the Salmonweird library will make available the following titles:

  • A Salmonweird Sleighing – provisional title of the second volume of the village’s recent events, covering a prickly affair known around these here parts as “The Christmas Incident” recounting the events between early December and Christmas Eve. We lost some good people, some very good people.
  • Salmonweird TV – those few weeks when those awful TV crews were here from apparently famous shows called Killed In Kernow and Guesthouse Guru. There was, unfortunately, some deaths and the media once again blamed the entire village.
  • A spin off about somebody who was here during the events of the first volume and what he’s doing now. Tobin, I think his name is, and this volume may very well be called Afterlife PLC
  • A small volume of biographies about the people of Salmonweir. Popular opinion is that this should be called “Before the D”, emphasising the village’s residents and telling their stories about their lives in the village back then.

We don’t hold a meeting every month but we promise to keep you updated! If you’re not in the area, you can sign up for our digital version below.

See updates from the Salmonweird Village website as they happen! (not that much happens here, aside from the occasional murder).