The Short Stories

Here is a small selection of short stories in the Salmonweird Extended Universe. They are free to read for your enjoyment. Click the image to visit the story.

Note: this is only a small selection. You will find further short stories on Buy Me A Coffee. More details are below.

A Salmonweird Lockdown

It’s a few days after lockdown and the Salmonweir residents do all they can to protect Karl, the only living member of the community, from COVID-19.

Sword Crossed Lovers

Kensa has a visitor. The last person she expected was the new Roman fellow. Sword Crossed Lovers chronicles the first meeting between Kensa and Cato.

Introducing Salmonweird Spooky

The short stories above are a typical representation of the books; they serve as a great access point into the universe and can be enjoyed on their own. However, the author also writes horror in his spare time and has a particular fondness for Edwardian and Victorian ghost story writers like MR James, Ambrose Bierce and, of course, Charles Dickens.

The Crypt

Karl is helping Jowan get the church ready for Christmas when he spots a strange side door. Karl asks Jowan about it and the monk explains that it is a crypt. He went in once 700 years ago and never wants to do so again.

The Crypt is the first of many short stories that pay homage to the traditional ghost story horror style. You can find the other short stories on Buy Me A Coffee.

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