Penrose Shop

Hello stranger, I’m Corin Penrose, the proprietor of this shop. You’ll find the books in the library but here is where you will see our licensed goods and official merchandise. I’ve been advised to make sure we have plenty of stock for visitors from up country. Anything to help the village coffers, hmm?

You might see my daughter somewhere around the village. Heaven knows, she was supposed to be minding the shop but I imagine she’s off flirting with that boisterous Tudor boy again. Ah well, young girls of today, hey?

Anyway, this is what we have…

Red Bubble

The village has a photographer who – incidentally – is also the author. Cornwall is such a stunning landscape that we couldn’t not bring you some of the best. Photos are from the local area such as Merry Maidens Stone Circle just to the northwest of the village, and Land’s End. Click the banner to visit the page.

Keep checking back because more goods will follow in time!